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CEO/President, National Non-Profit Organization:  When this President/CEO began MKA coaching it seemed that there were major conflicts with the Board of Directors and intense conflicts among Board members.  Historically a very charismatic leader, the CEO/President began coaching trying to figure out what had gone wrong in a leadership style that had been extremely effective for decades.  The CEO was only a year away from retirement and concerned not only with legacy issues but with the very future of the organization in light of the unresolved conflicts.

     Through the MKA coaching process the CEO was able to gain a radically different perspective on both the conflicts with a particular individual on the Board of Directors and conflicts between other Board members.  Armed with the new perspectives, the CEO was able to institute several key organizational changes that facilitated a re-emergence of past leadership success, and resulted in a highly successful succession planning process during that final year as CEO.  Those accomplishments allowed the organization to reconnect with its true mission.  At the completion of tenure as CEO/President, this talented leader retired to a seat on the Board of Directors and became a popular mentor for future leaders in the organization.



Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 company:  An extremely talented, Ivy League educated senior manager in the most troubled division of a large financial services corporation began MKA coaching at a critical mid-career crisis time.  The combination of extreme people issues and very challenging financial concerns within the division (publicly known to be the major financial loss leader of the corporation), and mid-career burnout, led this leader into a developmental process.  Many of the burnout issues were apparent in the organizational 360 degree data, and clear to the individual.  Assessing options for career development in the organization, initially it appeared that institutional barriers would impede the developmental process.  During the MKA coaching process the candidate began to believe that leaving the corporation (and a fifteen year positive corporate track record) was the only option for satisfactory career development.  In the coaching process of clarifying goals and action plans, the candidate became much clearer about his personal assets and personal leadership style.  This clarity of vision led to some significant changes in working with peers, superiors, and staff.  Much to the candidate's surprise, everyone noticed and responded positively.  The new personal leadership inspired behaviors were openly praised and rewarded with substantial promotions and salary increases.  It was a win-win for the candidate and the organization.  



Corporate Mid-level Manager:  An Operations Manager for a Fortune 100 company was having difficulty with his staff performance.  He was constantly disappointed by the poor performance of his employees and felt little support from senior management to help with departmental performance issues.  The 360 degree feedback from his organization placed the blame for departmental poor performance squarely on his shoulders with everyone agreeing that he had an "anger management" problem.  Through the MKA coaching process this manager took responsibility for his anger and stopped blaming his subordinates for his own lack of communication skills.  Within a six month coaching process amazing changes were displayed in his behavior.  He began to let go of unrealistic expectations, learned to accept his own limitations (as well as those of his staff), and proceeded to turnaround the department in numerous ways.  Learning to be more understanding of his own needs, and less judgmental of himself and others, this manager evolved from an angry, unpleasant boss into a delightful, caring, charming leader whose department currently leads the company in productivity per employee.

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